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schipShe has been designed and build as an old-timer cargo ship, a 'Luxe Motor 24', but has been transformed into a modern cruising ship that is waiting to provide you with a luxurious, self-designed sailing holiday considering all the wishes you might have.

You can combine sailing with cycling, walking, cultural excursions, just doing nothing etc but you might as well choose for combining with canoeing, rowing or dinghy sailing.

Sailing with a redesigned, newly build and equipped original old-timer cargo ship on the European lakes, rivers channels and coastal waters gives the ultimate holiday feeling. Cultural historical excursions and strolling around in the cities and villages along the rivers and channels are almost a must.

Click on Fria Fresena concept to discover our ideas about a "Self-designed Holiday" or about a "Business Arrangement". We have this year some specials for you as well: The Eleven Cities Tour in Friesland with lots of cultural and historical possibilities and Skutsje Silen a regatta (10 races on different lakes allover Friesland) for old-timer traditional sailing barges (skutsjes)

Actually you are chartering a motor vessel with Crew to enjoy a relaxed sailing holiday. You decide if you want to be active or just lazy. You believe you are on a cruise-ship but with a huge difference: You do decide what is going to happen and you decide yourselves where you want to go within the Sailing Area.

landschapFettBen Shipping is the owner of the Fria Fresena. She got her name (Free Frisian) from the poem Eala Fria Fresena written around 1886 by Pieter Jelles Troelstra, one of the first Dutch (actually Frisian) socialistic activists. She is a very beautiful original ship

Her design is completely based on the historical drawings (click original) from the shipyard of Boot Alphen aan de Rijn. The lines and the drawings were discovered in the Maritime Museum in Rotterdam. The General Plan and the 3D models are based on the original blueprint.

The Fria Fresena has been designed, build and certified for sailing on all waters with a 'distance to save harbor of not more than 150 sea miles', meaning she can sail all coastal waters. She is suitable as well for all European lakes, rivers and channels (including the French channels) A perfectly trimmed ship creates an exceptional living environment while sailing but on anchor or in the harbor as well

She is build in accordance with the Directive Pleasure Craft 94/25 EC, CE category B * Following the standards of the Dutch shipbuilding Industry. The 'Dutch Certification Institute; DCI' ** monitored and inspected the design and the construction and took care of the official certification CE-B ***

Read and discover more on these web pages and/or ask for more information through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +31 625 104 498

(*)      'Directive Pleasure Craft 94/25 EC, CE category B' adopted by European Parliament and European Council.
(**)    'DCI; Dutch Certification Institute' Dutch Government appointed classification bureau; Notified Body nr. 0613.
(***)  All drawings, calculations and documentation as well as the construction and equipment are DCI approved and EC certified.