Self designed sailing holiday

FettBen shipping offers you

your “self designed” sailing holiday the way you like it and with a route and course you can, to a large extent, decide upon yourself as long as you remain within the “Sailing Area
Moreover you have the possibility to choose your own fellow sailing companions.

schipFellow companions / Guests . . . . . Meaning You
We are sailing with small groups of friends (mail, female or mixed), couples or with individuals. All kinds of “exiting combinations” are possible if you do not mind sharing a double bed. We have four double beds available.
It is very possible to charter the Fria Fresena with her crew for one or two weeks and choose your own holiday company. In that case you decide as well about the sailing plan (together with the skipper of course). If desired you may in such cases as well take care of the catering yourself.
And . . . . . . if you have a special event or celebration (e.g. honeymoon) . . . the Captains Cabin could be made available for you.

wandelenSailing and cycling or sailing and walking or . . . . . . . . .
If you want to combine sailing with any other activity we will make it possible.
You can use your own bikes or we will rent them for you. Even small motor scooters can be made available.

From day to day you may agree and decide that you (or a part of your group) are going to cover part of the route by bicycle or hiking. In the afternoon we will find each other back somewhere at the waterside.
If you want to do dinghy sailing, canoeing or rowing we will make such boats available.

Cultural “discovery-strolls”
Most of the cities and villages we are going to pass through have cultural and historical values. After all they originate from ages ago. They were build on the banks of the “water-highways”, far before other means of transport, other then ships, were available.
The quays are very often situated in or nearby the oldest parts of those cities, towns and villages. We can tie up in those places for an excursion or stroll around and discover or just pass the evening and the night there.

dorpenIn the evening we will moor in a pleasant, cozy harbor where you can find a nice restaurant or pub.
But in case you want to pass the night somewhere in the open on a lake or otherwise, away from the crowded towns, it will be done as you wish.
We will look for a place where the “night is still Night” and “nature still Nature”.
Preparing diner on board can be done by yourselves or you may have the crew give you a treat.
The bar on board is always open of course.


Half board
Our prices are based on half board.
An extensive breakfast and a lunch or lunch pack for the cyclists or the walker / stroller are included.
Diner can, when desired, be served on board.
We will sail every day as far as you wish and to the locality your group would like to go to. Of course in consultation with the skipper as we have to consider the technical and nautical (im)possibilities.
On average we count to sail around 4 to 5 sailing hours per day. In case of “very long hours” we will ask for a small additional contribution.

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