Frisian Eleven Cities Tour


A Frisian “Alve Steden Tocht” is specially and absolutely recommended.
In real cold, heavy freezing winters this is a worldwide known massive ice-skating event on the frozen Frisian waterways which are connecting all eleven smaller and bigger Frisian cities.
Hundreds of speed skaters in the contest and 15.000 participants in the tour are covering the over 200 kilometers from the start via all those towns to the finish in only one day.

We are doing this trip by ship in the middle of the summer, if you are ready to join, following the old transport “roads” in one week.
All the places we visit, even the smallest, have old city rights and are ages old.
We will tie up in these places to give you the opportunity to stroll around and admire the most beautiful historical places. Documentation and tour guides are available and can be found on the internet as well.
We will spend the night where you will choose to moor.

Clicking on the link or the picture activates 20 pictures from those old towns, which have city-rights for hundreds of years. One of the cities has been left out.

If you are able to answer the following questions before or after the tour we will reimburse 10 percent of your booking price.
Questions: Which city has been left out and in which order do the other 10 appear in the slide show.