Skûtsjesilen Regatta

skutjeAnother top attraction is the traditional “Skûtsje Syl Wedstriiden”, a regatta for traditional Sailing Barges.
You should not miss this yearly competition between over 75 original old sailing cargo barges of between 17 and 23 meters length, separated in 5 divisions.
The “super class” (SKS) is sailing a regatta of 11 races on 10 different lakes in Fryslân over a two weeks period.
The other classes (different organization: IFKS) will have 7 starts at different locations and different dates.

We will sail along with the complete fleet of barges and hundreds of following ships from race to race. We will taste the ambiance during and after these races, which attract thousands of spectators on the water and on the banks.
Follow the races in the afternoon, partying in the evening, sleeping (or not), sail to the next race location and have a race and a party again. Visit the barges and talk with their skippers and crews.
A must for a couple of friends.
Following these regattas is possible in weeks 29, 30 and 31, between 12th July and 2nd of August. Make your reservation in time.

Click the picture or “Pictures Skûtsjesilen”” for a slide presentation.