More technology

machinekamerThis “Luxe Motor 24” has been designed and constructed in accordance with the rules and requirements of the “Directive Pleasure Craft 94/25 CE category B” while “Lloyds Register of Shipping for Pleasure Craft” has been taken into consideration as well.
She got her “CE category B” certificate as proof of her quality and safety.
The Dutch Certification Institute, Notified Body nr.0613, took care of this certification and classification

The engine room is very spacey and situated underneath the wheelhouse.
The ship is powered by a 180 horsepower, 6 cylinder Cummins.
Cruising speed is around 10 to 12,5 km per hour (Max. 9 knots), which is the maximum allowed speed on the Dutch channels anyhow.

A 30 KVA generator in a separate engine room in the front of the ship feeds the electrical system. The generator is powered by a 4-cylinder Mitsubishi diesel engine.
The Fria Fresena has next to the generator two 220 Volt shore connections.
The electricity supply for the kitchen equipment as well as for the battery charger (feeding over 200 Amp Hours consumer batteries) has been secured this way.
A 24 to 220 converter ensures permanent availability of electricity for the audio and TV set, for the laptop, internet connection etc. without generator or shore power.

Steering system (including the auto pilot), bow thruster and anchor winch (with back up by hand) are hydraulically served.

The total storage capacity is 2600 liter diesel, 3000 liter fresh water and 3000 liter waste and bilge water.

The Fria Fresena has Central Heating, Air Conditioning and Mechanical and Natural Ventilation systems.
Heath and Fire detectors guarantee a safe fire protection.
A digital camera in front of the ship ensures a good “dead-angle” and “general safety” protection